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What is an Inclusive Playground?

Imagine a playground where children of all ages and abilities can play side by side and learn from one another – where families are brought together knowing their children can be safe, independent, challenged, creative and comfortable during play.


Unfortunately, the reality is that not all playgrounds in America are inclusive or even accessible for all children to play in.   In fact, many organizations aren’t sure how to build inclusive play spaces, or start developing a culture of inclusion in recreational spaces.


The design of inclusive play spaces requires a new way of thinking.  It includes a play area with equipment and resources that meet the needs of children with a diverse range of disabilities, whether visible or not.  Creating a space that is sensory-rich, where families and kids can develop critical physical, social and emotional skills are key the components to an inclusive play environment.

Why Go Inclusive?

Not only will your inclusive playground encourage The benefits of an Inclusive and Accessible playground far extend children with disabilities? Keeping in mind that caretakers at the playground often span generations and abilities, inclusive playgrounds focus on designing space that encourages safe and interactive play for all.  The end result is a welcomed environment for the entire community for many years to come!


Award-Winning Accessible Playgrounds with Unlimited Play

Our partner, Unlimited Play, is an award-winning, non-profit organization that transforms communities by providing universally accessible playgrounds for all children and families. Together, we believe in designing playgrounds where limitations are forgotten and differences are celebrated!

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Learn more about Accessible Playgrounds with Unlimited Play and Little Tikes.
Unlimited Play - where it all started.
See how Unlimited play brings accessible playgrounds to life.
Design ideas for Accessible Playgrounds.
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Unlimited Play & Play On Holdings working together for your project

Navigating through the questions and requirements to meet ADA and Accessible playground standards can be challenging. That's what we're here for!  

Here are some of the extras you'll get when we work together.

Learn more about Inclusive Playgrounds

Little Tikes Commercial and Unlimited Play have partnered to create an inspiring guide to help you to understand the characteristics of a truly inclusive playground. Using our inclusive design principles, this insightful piece will help you to understand all aspects of inclusive play so you can bring play for all to your community.  

We specialize in helping businesses, schools, organizations and any other groups understand the importance of both inclusive play spaces and inclusive play experiences.  


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Design & Development

We will help you from square one.  With so many requirements to meet ADA and Accessible standards, we have the tools and experience to meet and exceed all expectations. 

We'll start by assembling a local team to lead the project.  Next we'll outline the process from start to finish.  And each step of the way we'll be utilizing the inclusive expertise of Unlimited Play.


Community Outreach

You are creating something special for the entire community.  Something that will be enjoyed for generations to come, no matter the age or ability.  That's why getting the communities buy-in and excitement is going to be a critical step in the planning process.  And Playground fundraising begins with a local team that mobilizes resources by exploring, identifying and securing project funders in the area.

Coordination of special events including Launch, Project Kick-off, Community Build and a Dedication Ceremony all engage and educate the community.  

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